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The Best Santo Salon and Spa Services to Prepare Your Skin for the Winter

With the cold weather outside and the warm heating indoors, skin and body care is often a nightmare. In climates where winds and temperatures are severe, your skin is left exposed, dry, chapped, or cracked. Maintaining healthy, moisturized skin is difficult, and your normal moisturizers may not be enough.

Nothing beats a little me-time treatment session to give yourself some extra love as the cold weather approaches. We have compiled a list of beauty treatments to prepare you and your skin for the winter, and give you the much-needed TLC you deserve, so your skin can stay dewy and hydrated even when the temperature goes down.

1. Massage

The cold weather has a tendency to bring on achy joints or tight muscles, or perhaps your arthritis seems to flare up. This is often because the cold weather slows down your blood flow and may even make you more susceptible to illness.

Whether it’s to prepare for the upcoming holiday or to relax those tense muscles, a massage is the best way to loosen up and relieve body stress.

Here at Santo Salon and Spa, our massages keep your body and mind healthier, more relaxed, and refreshed.

  • REVITALIZE package which is a 2.5-hour treatment that comprises of a Relaxation Massage, Essential Manicure, and Essential Spa Pedicure.
  • REJUVENATE package which is a 3.5-hour treatment that comprises of an Essential Facial, Relaxation Massage, Essential Manicure, and Essential Spa Pedicure. It’s basically a REVITALIZE Package with an Essential Facial!

2. Hair Therapy

One thing that is commonly missed out on in preparation for the winter is hair care. The winter months are the mortal enemy of your gorgeous tresses, they become frizzy and brittle, making them look dry and unsightly.

Santo Salon and Spa offer these services to save your hair from going dry and brittle:

  • Reparative Bond-Building Treatment is an intense treatment to repair and strengthen your hair, using cutting-edge technology to restore the connections in your hair’s inner structure, preventing moisture loss and future damage. It also provides long-lasting benefits for up to 12 washes.
  • Enzyme Scalp Treatment is a deep cleansing treatment that removes product build-up and impurities while restoring balance to the scalp. Our unique blend of enzymes and antioxidants helps improve your scalp’s overall health and adds shine and softness to your hair.
  • Custom Conditioning Masks are made with natural ingredients that help nourish and repair your hair. Additionally, our masks are customized for specific hair types so you can get the best results possible. 

3. Facials

When the temperature outside starts to get cold, and the temperature indoors is warm and cozy, your skin will definitely start getting dry. You have to counteract that dryness with a lot of moisture, and a facial is the best way to do this. 

Here at Santo Salon & Spa, our goal is to help your skin look good and feel great by using only the purest, most natural ingredients for your skin. Here are some Facial Treatments we offer:

  • Luxe Hydration is a vital therapy for moisture-depleted skin. Deep hydration aids in combating the signs of aging. Provides enhanced elasticity and vibrancy, leaving skin dewy and brilliant.
  • Our Calming Treatment soothes, protects, and restores skin affected by sensitivity, rosacea, and dryness with powerful vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Our Clarify Treatment is designed for problematic, oily, or acne-prone skin to detoxify while improving texture and tone. Leaves your skin purified and nourished for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion.

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