Hi and welcome. I am Frank Santo and we would like to invite you to “Experience The Difference” at Santo Salon & Spa. What is the difference? At Santo Salon & Spa we are more than just technicians, we are your Fashion Consultants helping you reach for your desires and needs. Our staffs training is an on going process that involves many layers from technical applications, customer service, product knowledge and team work. The results from this comes successful career minded professionals who are ready to service you as true Fashion Consultants. Our commitment to our clients is the back bone to our success. I believe that you deserve to “Experience The Difference”!

At Santo Salon & Spa, we pride ourselves on taking the artistry of hair to the next level. Our stylists are provided with the most progressive education to expand their repertoire of techniques. Their distinct levels of achievements reflect their advanced knowledge of color, cutting, and styling techniques.

Concept Stylist – One year apprenticeship focusing on the cornerstone techniques from Vidal Sassoon training stylists. This provides the very best foundation for boosting their skills and knowledge, which is only achieved by immersing in hands-on protocol work sessions and detailed tutorials. Goldwell Primary and Secondary coloring courses assure these new stylist acquire the complete understanding of color theory and application.

Signature Stylist – Completion of the ABC Cutting cource at Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, California. Advanced hair color education at Goldwell’s Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. Ongoing monthly training in cutting and coloring techniques to strengthen their skills and creativity.

Master Stylist – Their expertise has been acquired through years of advanced education and experience. All their accomplishments are enhanced with ongoing monthly training in cutting and color techniques, allowing them to stay on top of the latest trends and technology in hair care.

Innovative Designer – Having obtained an eminent credibility through their extensive years of experience and training in the beauty industry. These are respected leaders of our salon. Their influential work provides our team with the skills and motivation to be the best in the beauty industry.